Do Hashtags Work On Pinterest?

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: June 4, 2020
Do Hashtags Work On Pinterest?

Hashtags have been doing wonders all over the internet in the last couple of years. They are helpful in organizing social media platforms and getting followers. Owing to their high usability and acceptability among audiences, most social media platforms are providing hashtag support. These days, you will see hashtags all over social media networks, such as; Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram. Pinterest is in fact not a social media website in itself, but instead functions as a visual bookmarking platform that helps in discovering new creative ideas. Despite this, hashtags on Pinterest still work a charm! So, let’s explore do hashtags work on Pinterest?

What are hashtags?

# is the hashtag sign that can be used on social media to: organize, promote or draw attention to a particular post. You may use hashtags in order to improve the rate of your; clickthrough, promote a business or gain more followers. When someone is searching for something, hashtags can be great for locating relevant content. They can quickly link to search queries, and garner more views so that more people can view your post. You can also use hashtags for humor, like a rimshot. While they may not be helpful in increasing your social media popularity, they may also successfully show your character and engage your audience.

Do Hashtags Work On Pinterest? - What are hashtags?

Using Hashtags on Pinterest

Hashtags have been used over the Internet and social media over the past couple of years. But Pinterest has always asked its users not to use them. They say that Pinterest hashtags do not work as well as most people expect and can be confusing at times. Using them can even sometimes harm your accessibility. Despite this suggestion however, Pinterest has been supporting hashtags for quite some time now. And by ‘supporting’ we mean that you can click the word after the hashtag in a Pinterest description. Pinterest has not put any limitations or rules on the number of hashtags that can be added to a post. They also seem to support same character set that are supported by most other social media platforms.

How to use hashtags on Pinterest

You should always add hashtags in your Pin description. In order to add it, you just need to type #, and then add a phrase or keyword. We do not advise using hashtags that are vague and/or not popular, as the likeliness of them being searched are very low. You should aim to use hashtags with a use range of 1000 to 10000. While using hashtags, you should search for one that you yourself would search for. In addition, don't forget to check the content to ensure it is appropriate to your hashtag.

While using and writing hashtags, you need to be descriptive and specific. Use the right words that exactly describe your Pin’s content. Pinterest suggests you not to use more than 20 hashtags per Pin. In fact, it is recommended to use at least four hashtags per Pin. Pinterest allows for 500 characters per Pin description, and you can add 4 hashtags to it. Make sure that the hashtags you are using are the exact matches that you have seen searched in your hashtag feed. But be aware of excessive usage of hashtags, as over-doing your hashtags may end in spam and annoyance.

Depending on the nature of your Pin, use hashtags that refer to a time, such as #backtohome, #Christmas etc. You can also use hashtags to refer to evergreen data on Pinterest, such as #gardeningtips, #quickrecipes etc. With such hashtags, users will be able to easily filter content and find relevant data that they are looking for. It’s best to put hashtags at the end of your description, so that pinners can fine them easily. If you have already written your pin and you want to change it later, then you can do this by selecting ‘Edit’ near the Pin description. By hashtagging old pins, it refreshes them and therefore updates them as a recent post on the search engine, which is a bonus for you and your old pin!

How Pinterest hashtags work

Hashtags work perfectly to find content all over most social media, but they can be different when you use them on Pinterest. Although Pinterest does supports them and in some ways they function the same, in others they don’t. For example, they do not work on: Pinterest account descriptions, board descriptions, profile names and board titles. They only function when used in a pin’s description. However, too many hashtags in your description can negatively affect your ranking and you need to keep that in mind. In addition, when it comes to promoted pins, you can only use one hashtag.

Do hashtags work on Pinterest

Businesses use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to increase their visibility. This is because these platforms have more relevant search algorithms. But when it comes to Pinterest, hashtag searches are quite unpredictable and using them may in fact not benefit your post in the end. The reason for this is because at times, when searching hashtags on Pinterest, they tend to appear confusing and can even deter people from your post and move them towards another site. In the end, losing page time and impressions.

Tip and Tricks to Make the Best Out of Pinterest Hashtags

Hashtags can be very helpful in attracting visitors from other Pinterest users. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you use hashtags for your advantage!

  • When you add hashtag to your Pin, add it in your description by writing #, and then a phrase or keyword relevant to your Pin.
  • While saving your new Pin, you will see some suggested hashtags which will come up on your screen with a specific number. We recommend choosing a tag that has medium range of usage. Make sure that it is not too low or too high.
  • While adding a hashtag, make sure that it is specific and describes your content with minimum words. And remember, be accurate!
  • Use hashtags that refer to a time, place or theme!
  • Search for the hashtags that you want to use. Go to the Pinterest search box, enter #yourhashtagphrase and enter the search bar. Make sure that the results that appear and the ones that you use are relevant to your Pin’s content
  • The number of hashtags that you use per Pin should not exceed 20. The first four hashtags are very important because it is what viewers will see in your feed. Experts suggest using 4-8 hashtags per Pin, maximum. Using too many of hashtags may make your Pin spammy and irritating.
  • Place hashtags near the end of your description, and you can edit them later too.
  • Hashtag searches look for recent Pins. So instead of editing the old Pins, use ones that are new and therefore more accessible.
  • Make sure that your Pin is eye-catching so that it attracts people to click on it!

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Do Hashtags Work On Pinterest?
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Do Hashtags Work On Pinterest?

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