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How Do You Turn Off VoiceOver on Mac

How Do You Turn Off VoiceOver on Mac

Mac computers include many accessibility options to aid people with disabilities so that they can also easily use the computer. You can change the colours and contrast of the screen, plus the size of the letters, as well as include subtitles or flickering of the screen to replace sound alerts, etc. One of the options available to people with sight problems is VoiceOver, in which a voice is used to tell you what is happening on the screen and allows you to control the computer with just the keyboard. If you have activated it to test it, but prefer to go back to what you had before, don't worry. explains you how do you turn off voiceover on Mac.

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Steps to follow:

Mac computers have considered accessibility issues, they set up things in a way in which all the electronic devices can be configured from one place, to make it easier. To access the Control Centre, go to System Preferences>Accessibility.


Once in Accessibility, you will see several options in the left column. These are the different elements that you can adapt to your needs: Screen, Zoom, Description, Caption, etc. One option is VoiceOver. Select it.


Under VoiceOver you will see a description of its functionality (providing voice descriptions) and two ways of controlling activation or deactivation. You can, on the one hand, press cmd F5.


Another super easy option once you are in Accessibility>VoiceOver is to simply untick the Enable VoiceOver box. Do it and you will see how the computer stops reading what you're doing aloud instantly.


If you want to activate VoiceOver again, all you have to do is return to System Preferences>Accesibilty>VoiceOver, or simply press cmd F5 from any location.

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How Do You Turn Off VoiceOver on Mac
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How Do You Turn Off VoiceOver on Mac