How does WhatSim work

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How does WhatSim work

There's no doubt, Whatsapp has turned into the most successful instant messaging app in recent times. This app not only covers the mobile phone world, but thanks to its advances you can also use it on your computer and from abroad without needing Internet or active data, you've read that correctly! If you are about to travel and don't want to pay roaming fees or to contract a data plan for your destination, this is the perfect solution for you. That's why would like to explain how WhatSim works.

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¿What is WhatSim?

WhatSim is a card that allows chatting with your Whatsapp contacts without needing to be connected to the Internet. This chip can be used in more than 150 countries, and has agreements with about 400 phone operators around the world.

¿When can I use WhatSim?

WhatSim is ideal to use when you're travelling abroad but you want to be connected with your contacts. This way, Whatsapp wants to cover a clear necessity in users that are not willing to pay the pricey costs of roaming or Internet plans with the countries phone companies, that are usually expensive and don't adjust to clients' needs.

So that WhatSim works adequately, you must verify that the country you're travelling to are on the list of nations where this service works. You can check out the list of countries with coverage on this official WhatSim link.

¿How does WhatSim work?

WhatSim works in a simple way. You'll only need to introduce the sim card in your phone, which uses a signal given by a local operator in the country you're travelling to to allow users to be connected to Whatsapp without the need of Internet. Instant messaging service without Internet costs 10€ or 5€ per year, allowing you to chat without limits.

However, sending photos, videos and voice notes is restricted, but can be activated buying credits. Depending on the area we are in, sending photos has a certain cost, so the user must use an extra top-up of at least 5€ to at least obtain 1,000 credits, which will allow you to also send photos videos and voice notes while you're travelling.

This way, WhatSim turns into the best option for frequent travellers who use Whatsapp, guaranteeing they will be able to keep communicated with their contacts through the popular messaging app investing a small amount of money each year.

How does WhatSim work - ¿How does WhatSim work?

Where to buy the sim card

The best way to buy WhatSim is through this service's site, a quick and safe way of getting your sim card. Although you can ask for yours at the same moment, you must know they will start sending them on the 26th of February, so the chip won't be available before this date.

On this link you'll be able to buy your WhatSim, and use it around the world as soon as you recieve it.

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I want to ask about chatsim work . Im stay in thailand and bought chat sim plus from internet but i can't use internet from it . I saw from youtube about how to use . It recomment to set APN so i try many time but can't . I use wiko mobile .please help me.thank you so much

How does WhatSim work
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How does WhatSim work

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