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How many Megabytes Does Pokémon GO Use

How many Megabytes Does Pokémon GO Use

We know that there are certain apps that use more data than others and, as you may already know, Pokémon Go uses quite a lot of it, especially due to the fact that you need to make use of it if you want to catch Pokémon on the street and play Pokémon Go properly. It's no use playing Pokémon GO without moving from home, where you can connect to Wi-Fi, so take a look at our article if you're asking yourself: how many megabytes does Pokemon Go use? In this way you can control your mobile data and reduce it if necessary.

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High data usage app

There are certain apps that need a higher data usage, as they have to upload and download more information per second. This happens with apps such as Whatsapp (if you send lots of videos and photos), Instagram, Facebook or Spotify.

Pokémon Go will also use quite a lot of data, though it may vary depending on how you play the game. So if you are more active, catching more Pokémon or hitting on more PokéStops.

How many megabytes does Pokémon Go use per hour?

Surprisingly enough, Pokémon Go does not use as much data as you may think, even though it is classified as a high data usage app, as it mostly does not rely on Internet data but on GPS.

As we've mentioned above, the amount of megabytes Pokémon Go uses will also depend on how you play the game once the app is open.

Depending on how you play, you can use from as little as 3MB if you only have the game open and up to 20MB if you are actively playing for an hour.

Therefore, probably the biggest issue is not data as much, but the amount of battery it uses.

How to reduce data usage on Pokémon Go

If you still feel that Pokémon Go is using too many megabytes on your phone, here are some tips and tricks you can use to reduce data usage when playing Pokémon Go:

  • There are certain cafès, public libraries and even stores that offer open Wi-Fi, so if you keep your Wi-Fi on when playing Pokémon, you'll be able to connect to this free Internet source and reduce the amount of data you are using.
  • The actual Pokémon app also allows you to lower the data usage if you have an Android phone. It's as easy as going to 'Settings', click on 'app settings' find Pokémon Go and click on 'restrict background data'. Take a look at the picture below.
  • From the Pokémon Go settings page you will also be able to monitor the amount of data usage you are using per day!

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How many Megabytes Does Pokémon GO Use
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How many Megabytes Does Pokémon GO Use