How the Retrica App Works

By Max. D Gray. Updated: April 25, 2017
How the Retrica App Works

We live in the age of selfies, but we all know that it's not easy to take one and have it turn out as we would like. If you use the camera on the back of a smartphone, you cannot see the screen in order to control the composition. If you use the camera on the front, you have to accept that the photo quality will be much worse. So what should you do? Download a special app like this one! Here at oneHOWTO we'll show you how the Retrica app works.

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What is the Retrica App

Retrica is a free mobile app for iOS and Android, that helps you take perfect selfies. The reason is mainly due to its multiple editing tools. They make it easy to improve the quality of the photos taken with the front facing camera. As you know, these photos are usually of poorer quality.

How the Retrica App Works - What is the Retrica App

Filters, borders and collages

There are many editing options, with more than 80 filters. Most have a retro-style filter. There are also 22 templates for collages, and the possibility of adding borders, blurring photos, using timers, etc. Take photos using the app or choose one for your album. Also, the app makes it possible to add a watermark so that the image cannot be used without citing its source.

How the Retrica App Works - Filters, borders and collages

Editing photo after...or before

A special feature of Retrica is that you can edit the photo before or after taking it. It allows you to experiment with the different filters to see which ones look best. If you need some advice you can check out our article on how to edit photos on Retrica.

How the Retrica App Works - Editing photo after...or before

Free download with the premium option

You can download Retrica on your smartphone free of charge. Or, opt for the Retrica Pro option. The latter gets rid of ads and has full access to all the filters (25 of the 80 are blocked in the free version). The price for the update is £1.29.

How the Retrica App Works - Free download with the premium option

Not only selfies

Retrica is known for taking good selfies. But it can be also be used very effectively to take normal photos, by using the camera on the back.

This way you'll get better quality pictures that will be more spectacular so you can surprise your friends.

How the Retrica App Works - Not only selfies


The Retrica app interface is attractive and simple, giving the main importance to the photo itself. It's intuitive and easy to use, so it won't take you long to learn the editing features like a pro. Play around, find a style that you like, then simply download photo.

How the Retrica App Works - Interface


Despite its similarity to Instagram, Retrica is a different type of app. It simply edits photos and isn't a social network in itself. Nonetheless, it lets you share selfies with different social networks, quickly and easily.

How the Retrica App Works - Sharing

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How the Retrica App Works
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How the Retrica App Works

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