How To Appear Offline On Facebook Messenger Android

How To Appear Offline On Facebook Messenger Android

In recent years, the Internet has become a human’s best source of communication. Thanks to its wide accessibility, social media applications like Facebook allow us to communicate with friends and family at any time, anywhere. The Facebook messenger application allows us to speak with friends while also browsing the web. But what happens if you don’t feel like talking to someone but don’t want to be rude neither. Facebook messenger shows whether or not you are online, with a green dot that appears on your Facebook profile picture. There are times where you want to appear offline on Facebook and use the application without speaking to anyone, and that’s completely normal. But how do you do that?

If you want to find out how to appear offline on Facebook messenger, you’ve come to the right place! Here at oneHowTo we will be giving you our easy and fast tips on how to appear offline on Facebook messenger and how to turn off chat on Facebook messenger for Android. Keep reading for more.

Appear offline on Facebook App: Advantages

Don’t worry! You’re not the first, and definitely not the last person to want to appear disconnected on Facebook messenger. In fact, there are many advantaged to appearing offline on Facebook app. These advantages include:

  • You don’t have an obligation to speak to whoever messages you: how many friends do you have on Facebook? 100? 1000? It’s natural that you don’t want people to speak to you every time you Facebook login. But the good news is that if you appear offline on Facebook, you can still speak to people on Facebook chat! The only thing that changes is not everyone will see that you are online.
  • Ideal for work meetings: these type of applications, such as WhatsApp or Telegram, are used on a large number of occasions to create groups for both friends and work. These applications and social media chats help people to organize some output or to create projects. So, if you sometimes use Facebook for work, you may not want to be distracted by friends who have seen you’re online.

Well, good news! If you’re asking yourself ‘How do I hide online status on Facebook’, you can do it in 1 quick and easy step. Keep reading to find out how to disconnect your Facebook messenger online status on Android.

How to appear offline on Facebook messenger

Appearing offline on Facebook messenger is simple. In order to appear offline on Facebook PC, you also need to Facebook login on your cell.

  1. First, enter Facebook Messenger on your mobile.
  2. The main screen will open where your contacts that are active will appear.
  3. Click on your profile, on the upper left corner of the screen.
  4. Once you have accessed your profile screen, a menu with different options will be displayed.
  5. At the top it will say ‘Active Status’, click..
  6. Then slide the button that says ‘show when you’re active’ left .
  7. It will give you an option that say ‘Turn off Active Status’, click on Turn off.

And that’s it, you will from now on officially appear offline on Facebook! Just remember, once you have turned off your online status on Facebook, you won’t be able to see your Facebook friends that are online or ‘recently active.’

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