How To Be Famous On Instagram

How To Be Famous On Instagram
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Instagram is one of the most popular apps on social media. It is a photo sharing site that allows all of its users, which is now over 100 million, to share photos of their lives and day to day experiences. By telling stories with your pictures, you can gain popularity on Instagram. It's not easy, but oneHOWTO are going to give you some tips on just how you can become famous on Instagram.

Sign up and get a catchy screen name

When you first sign up to Instagram, you will be asked to make a screen name for yourself. The name says it all! If you make a catchy name or a name that everyone can easily remember, this is step one of becoming famous on Instagram. When you decide on your screen name, keep in mind if you will have a theme for your account or not. If you decide to have a theme, let it reflect in your name. Try not to use a lot of numbers or symbols in your name because that will keep people from remembering your screen name. After all, you want to have the most memorable screen name possible in order to increase the amount of followers you have.

Let Your Profile Picture Speak For Itself

When you choose a profile picture on Instagram, make sure that it is one of the best ones that you have in your collection. Do not use abstract objects or another person's artwork. You want to make sure that when you are famous on Instagram, all of your fans know exactly what you look like. If you want to edit your profile picture to look its very best, there are quite a few photo editing apps you can download to bring the right lighting or colors into your profile picture.

Take Pictures and Create Content

People that are famous on Instagram have hundreds and maybe thousands of pictures. Take a lot of pictures and try to post just a few quality ones each week. Make sure that you tell a story with your pictures and this will let people see just how interesting that you are. You can use different techniques to try and get noticed, such as getting your content on the popular section of Instagram. When you make the captions witty or informative, people will begin to follow you on Instagram in no time. Your fame will begin to happen!

Use every hashtag that you can on your posts. Hashtags will allow quite a few different people to see your pictures. For more information read about how to use hashtags to get more followers on Instagram.

It's also very useful to engage with other people who might want to follow you back. A great way to do so easily is to auto like accounts that also liked a picture of yours.

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Use Other Social Media

Finally, make sure that your Instagram account is hooked up with your Facebook account. This will help you to create more followers from your Facebook friends.

Becoming famous on Instagram is definitely possible when you put your mind to it. By following these steps, your fame will come if you work hard enough. We have lots more information about different features on Instagram and how to use them, so check out our Instagram category for lots more advice.

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