How to block a stolen mobile phone

How to block a stolen mobile phone

The interest that smartphones awake in thieves is on continuously growing, making it necessary to know how to block a stolen mobile phone. The theft of the mobile phone may lead to serious consequences, such as loss of personal data or unwanted charges on your mobile bill. To prevent this occurring, OneHowTo is going to teach you everything you need know to block your mobile in the event of theft.

Steps to follow:

If you want to know how to block your stolen mobile the first thing you need is to keep your smartphone IMEI code handy. It is the most important and representative mobile code. You can look for it on the mobile phone's box, in the purchase invoice (if you have kept it) or in the customer service account of your mobile service operator.


Now, call the operator and explain your situation. You will have to identify yourself. For this you will need two things: your customer ID (or what ever form of identification your operator may require) and the IMEI of the mobile. Once the operator checks the details you have provided the company will block the telephone in order to prevent it being used by the person who stole it.


With the IMEI blocked, calls and the use of 3G and 4G connections will be limed. The order to have your mobile phone blocked, as described in this step by step guide, will not only apply to the database of your operator but will be extended to the other companies to create a complete block. The only solution left for the thief if he or she wants to use your phone is to change the IMEI of the device, something that it is not at all simple.


To ensure that the thief does not remain unpunished you should report the theft to the police and indicate the IMEI number corresponding to the mobile phone.

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