How To Block Someone On Instagram

How To Block Someone On Instagram

If you don't want to change your Instagram privacy settings but don't want a particular user to be able to access your photographs, then there is the possibility of blocking a user to prevent them from seeing any of your activity on Instagram. If you still don't know how to block someone on Instagram, at we'll explain what do, step by step. And you can also follow us on Instagram:!

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

Open Instagram and tap the profile of the person or user that you would like to block.


Click on the icon with the three dots located in the upper part of the screen next to the name of the user.


Three options will appear:

  • Block user
  • Report inappropriate content:
  • Copy profile URL

You need to choose the first option to block that user, although you can also choose to report their profile if you think it is spam.


Now Instagram will ask you if you really want to block this user, just to make sure that it is the user you want to block and to prevent unintended blocks or errors. Therefore, you need to select the option "Yes, I'm sure".

We recommend that you check out our article on what happens if you block someone on Instagram to find out the consequences of this action.


In the lower part of the screen, a message will appear which confirms that this user has been blocked on Instagram, so you can use the application without anyone bothering you.

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