How To Block Your Number On iPhones

By Misty Thomas. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Block Your Number On iPhones
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Normally when you make a call to another phone number on your iPhone, that person will be able to see the number of that you are calling from. If you don't want the recipient of your call to know your number, there are several ways that you can block your number on iPhones. OneHowTo is going to explain the best way to keep your keep your caller id private when calling from an iPhone. Which technique you use will depend on whether you want to block a number for just one call, or for all calls you make. If you want to withhold your number for all calls, then you can skip to the last step in the instructions below.

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Phone Carrier ID Blocking Codes

Usually phone carriers have different codes that you can use to block your phone number. During the 90's and 2000's when caller ID was very popular, there was a similar function. For example, back then you would have dialed *67 in order to block your land line's phone number. This same concept works for most phone carriers as well, but the code varies depending on your carrier and location.

If you notice sometimes when you get a phone call, the number and ID are blocked. Many credit card companies and call centers have started to use codes in order to block their numbers and now you can too. You just need a code from your carrier. Most carriers around the world use the code #31. So in order to call someone, you would dial #31 then dial their number. For example, #31 4045555555. Then your number would be blocked instantly.

Caller ID Blocking Codes for Carriers around the world

There are quite a few caller ID blocking codes located all over the world. These codes will help you to block your phone number when you are calling out. In fact, there are disabler codes for every country in the world. Most of them do use code #31, but there are quite a few different other caller ID blocking codes - below are a few of the more common ones.

The disabler code #31 is used in the following countries: Albania, Argentina, Denmark, France, Iceland, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, North America, the Netherlands, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, and Switzerland. Australia uses code 1831. Hong Kong uses 133. Pakistan uses *32# and Japan uses code 184. New Zealand uses code 0197, South Korea uses code *23#, and the United Kingdom and Ireland us code 141. As you can see, there is a code for everyone to block their phone number, so a bit of internet research should help you find yours.

How To Block Your Number On iPhones - Caller ID Blocking Codes for Carriers around the world
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Turning Off Caller ID on an iPhone

If you don't want to show your caller ID for any calls you make from your iPhone, then there is a much simpler option you can take. On your iPhone, just click on settings>phone>calls.

From there, you click on the show my caller ID option - just swipe the button to turn the feature on or off.

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How To Block Your Number On iPhones
Image: pixabay
Image: pixabay
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How To Block Your Number On iPhones

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