How to Boost WiFi Signal

How to Boost WiFi Signal

You had it all ready: the router installed and configured, you had checked that your laptop worked and you were happy with your home internet. But then you took your laptop to a room further away and the Wi-Fi was very weak and the Internet painfully slow. How can you boost the wireless signal to reach all corners of the house? Is it possible? Of course! Read on as at we explain how to boost WiFi signal. It will be useful!

Steps to follow:

The first trick to improve the Wi-Fi signal is to ensure that the router is in the best possible place: try to place it in a central area of the house which is roughly the same distance from each room in which you want to connect to the internet. That is, do not put the router at one end of the house and try to connect from the other end. The location of the router is key to boosting WiFi signal.


There are many devices that interfere and weaken the wireless signal, so it's better if they are kept away from the router: camcorders, cordless phones, microwaves, wireless computer accessories, among others. We know the cordless phone is often placed side by side with router but try to move it away from it if you want to boost WiFi signal.


Does the router have antennas? Point them towards the devices on which you want to connect to the Internet.


So the router is in an excellent place, but you can do more. Sometimes the problem is not so much the source of the Wifi, but the device. Go to Start > Control Panel > Internet network (Network in Windows XP) > Network and Sharing Centre > Change Adaptor Settings. Right-click on Wireless Network Connection and click Properties.


Go to Configure and then to the Advanced Options tab. In the list that appears, go to Mobility Intensity, Performance Improvement and Power Transmission. Place them all at the highest level (in the menu on the right, where it says value).


In Windows XP: Networks > Properties. Setting button and Advances tab. In the list, select the highest value Power Management and Transmit Power.

Did you know there was a way to boost Wifi signal from your device?


If after all this you are still left with a weak signal, you can try to get a new antenna to boost wireless signal.

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How to Boost WiFi Signal
How to Boost WiFi Signal

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