How to Change A Normal SIM To A Micro SIM

How to Change A Normal SIM To A Micro SIM

Since the last 3G iPhone 4 went on sale, it has been essential to use a micro-SIM card designed exclusively for the Apple mobile phone, as well as other Apple electronic devices such as the iPad. If you want to keep your old SIM card, learn how to change a normal SIM to a Micro SIM so you can keep on using the same card on any device!

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

To be able to change a normal SIM to a micro SIM; first of all you'll need to ask a friend or acquaintance to lend you a micro-SIM card to use as a template. If you can't get hold of one, download and print this template.

Before doing this at home, it's worth bearing in mind that Amazon sells different machines to do this job automatically, some for less than 3 EUR.


If you have decided to change your normal SIM card manually, you should place the micro-SIM card on top of your SIM card, lining up the three contact points, and score along the long edge of the smaller micro-SIM with a solid knife to mark an outline on the SIM card.

Next, you should cut along the scored line.


If you've done the first step correctly, you should have got a result similar to the image.


Perfect! Now you have to do the same step at the bottom, to get rid of the excess plastic there.

Once finished, the micro SIM card should look like the image and you should only be able to tell the difference between it and the normal SIM by its height.


Finally, simply match up the height of both, repeating the process with the knife and scissors.

The length of both should be identical now except for the corner.


To cut the corner, use the knife again but... careful! Be precise when cutting,because if you make a mistake there's no undoing it!

Both normal SIM card and micro-SIM should now have the same dimensions and the one you just cut is now ready to use. Congratulations!


But what if what you need is a nano SIM? Then we invite you to consult our article how to turn a micro SIM in a nano SIM for iPhone 5.

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  • While it is true that the method described above is correct and that lots of people use it, at OneHowTo we recommend buying a machine to do it automatically.