How To Change The Administrator Of A Group On Whatsapp

How To Change The Administrator Of A Group On Whatsapp

Whatsapp groups have become a great alternative to keep in contact with all your friends and relatives, share interesting content, plan events, reunions... all sorts! And though we usually fail to silence notifications and it can get annoying, we have reached the point that it would be difficult for us to live without them. Well, if you are the administrator of one of these groups and you want to appoint additional members to help or replace you in this task, in we explain how to change the administrator of a group on Whatsapp.

Steps to follow:

Changing the administrator of a group on Whatsapp and adding more people to help out in this task is very easy and will take less than two minutes. To start with, go to the group whose administrator you want to change.


Once within the group, pressing the three points located at the top right to open a drop down menu with options. There, choose Group Info.


You will see all participants in the group. Out of this list, select the person to be the administrator of the Whatsapp group.


When selecting the participant, another menu will open, there choose the last option: Add "name of the person" group admin. Ready! in just an instant you have changed the administrator on a group in Whatsapp to someone else, and so now you have someone extra to help manage it.


If you want to stop being group admin alltogether, then once you have followed these steps, the new administrator will have to:

  • Click on Group Info
  • Click on Remove "your name" from group
  • And finally add you to the group once more.

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