How to Change Your Profile Picture on Instagram

How to Change Your Profile Picture on Instagram

Instagram has undoubtedly become a very popular alternative among social network lovers of who also enjoy photos a more artistic or professional touch. This social media form allows you to post pictures, grow businesses and improve your own profile. But if you're a new user or if you haven't yet mastered this social network very well, you might be wondering how to customise your profile and change your Instagram profile picture.

This is why, here at oneHOWTO, we will be explaining how to change your profile picture on Instagram easily.

Steps to follow:

Whether you have a personal, business or web project type of Instagram account, this network like any other, gives you the option to personalize your profile with; a picture, a brief description of 140 characters and even a link to a website (if you have one). You should know that this is the only link that visitors can follow with a click access to your account, so if there is a page you want to emphasis, put it in your Instagram description.

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Now what you're here for: learning to change your profile picture on Instagram. First log in, once logged into your Instagram account; press the icon with the little person found in the bottom right.


By clicking on this icon, it will take you directly to your Instagram profile where, among other things, you will see your description. If you don't have any Instagram description and want to add one, press "Edit Profile". Changing your Instagram picture however is much easier. All you have to do is click on ‘Edit Profile’ - and then on ‘Change Photo’.


A box will then appear giving you different options of where to upload your picture from. Here, you have several options, which include: taking a picture right then and uploading it, selecting one from your camera or importing you Facebook profile picture or Twitter images.

These featured options allow you to customize your Instagram profile to your liking. It is important to note that this feature might crop your original picture to the Instagram profile photo size.


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