How To Check Who Is Connected To My Wi-Fi

By Max. D Gray. Updated: June 5, 2018
How To Check Who Is Connected To My Wi-Fi

If your Internet at home was working perfectly well until a few days ago then suddenly, without any obvious cause, everything slowed down, somebody could be stealing your wi-fi. If you have checked that it is not any of your roommates downloading many things at once or killing off your bandwidth, and there are no issues with the external line could a neighbour or a stranger be abusing your Wi-Fi network? Although you may have a password, people can still connect to your network. So how can you find out if this is happening and see who is connected to your wifi? On oneHOWTO we tell you how to find out who is connected to your network.

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Steps to follow:

There are different methods to find out who is using your Wi-Fi without your permission, but many people require an understanding of the complicated world of code. The simplest is to use a program like Wi-Fi Guard. To download it go

How To Check Who Is Connected To My Wi-Fi - Step 1

Scroll to the bottom, where a grey box appears with "Product Info & Download". In the drop down menu, select your operating system and click on the button "Download Wi-Fi Guard". (It is important to reach this final box, "download now" or "download" are displayed in large font - they are not advertising)


Accept the download and, when finished, open the file and install the program by following the instructions (depends on your operating system).


Once you've installed the program, open it by double clicking on its icon. Select your language. Do so and click OK.


Now you have the program open. How can you use it to tell if someone is connecting to the network? Very easy: click on the first button, which says "Look for" - with little blue arrows.


You will see the list of results: the router and your own computer appear in green and in red you'll see the other devices that are connected to the network. It counts how many computers you have at home using the Wi-Fi. Do you notice any strange users? Your neighbour might well be the culprit. Nor should it be too complicated: just change the password for your network and check from time to time that no one else is connected.

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How To Check Who Is Connected To My Wi-Fi
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How To Check Who Is Connected To My Wi-Fi

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