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How to Control who Can Write on my Facebook Wall

How to Control who Can Write on my Facebook Wall

Today, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others have opened a doorway to share each and every moment of our life with the world. But we all know that some moments are better kept private and not everyone should have a bird’s eye view of our life. So, privacy has become a very important issue for these social media sites. This OneHowTo article is about one such privacy issue where you will know the answer to your question: how to control who can write on my Facebook wall?

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Facebook Wall

Your facebook Wall is popularly known as Timeline. It is the area in your Facebook page you can post your thoughts, pictures, go live or any other thing which you feel is worth sharing with the world. Along with you, facebook also allows your friends and other people to view and post text, images and videos on your timeline.

Opening the Timeline Settings

In the upper right corner of Facebook, on the right side of the 'Notifications' icon is an icon of padlock and then an icon of inverted triangle. Right click on the inverted triangle icon.

A drop down list will open. Click on 'Settings' from that list.

The 'General Account Settings' page will open. On the left side of the page the fourth option is 'Timeline and Tagging'. Click on it.

The 'Timeline and Tagging' settings will open.

Changing who can write on my Facebook Wall

The first section of 'Timeline and Tagging' settings is 'Who can add things to my timeline'. The first option in this section is ‘Who can post on your timeline?’ By default it is set to Friends. This means that your friends can post any text, image or video on your timeline.

If you want to change the setting and make it private then click on Edit option that is present at the right side.

From the drop down list you can choose ‘Only Me’. After choosing this option the wall would be yours exclusively. Only you would be able to post or delete anything in your facebook wall.

Reviewing timeline posts in which you have been tagged

When a friend tags you in one of his/ her post then that post appears in your wall too. In that case facebook has created ‘Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline?’ It is set at ‘Off’ by default.

By changing this to ‘On’, you would be able to monitor all the posts in which you are tagged. You can remove the tag or you can hide it from your time line or let it appear on the wall.

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How to Control who Can Write on my Facebook Wall
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How to Control who Can Write on my Facebook Wall