How To Convert A JPEG File Into Vector

How To Convert A JPEG File Into Vector

A number of software programs can convert a JPEG file into a vector image. However, most of them are expensive or offer limited color options. There is a fairly simple method using an open-source program with the ability to manage your own images in color. Create your own vector art for free.

Steps to follow:

The first thing you'll need to do is to download Inkscape, a free open-space vector image program ( Find your operating system and click on "Download", then click "Run" to install the program on your computer.


Once you have followed all the steps and installed the program properly, Select "Open Program".


Select "file" from the menu bar, then "Import".


Browse through your folders to locate the JPEG file that you want to convert to a vector image. Select the image file and click on "OK".


Go to the menu bar at the top and select "Path" and then click "Trace Bitmap".


Select "Colours" on the lower left, increasing the number of scans, then "Update" under the image preview. Increasing the number of scans increases image resolution, which also increases the file size and the rendering speed. Remember to click "Update" every time you change a setting.


Save the image as one of the appropriate vector formats. An EPS file is a good choice for most applications.


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  • You will not have to know too much about Inkscape to convert a vector image. It is very simple and converts the required file automatically.
  • You could also use Adobe Illustrator CS2.