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How to Cope Without Wifi Abroad

How to Cope Without Wifi Abroad

The internet is a huge part of our lives, and let's face it, it's hard to imagine life without it. Can you believe there was once a time where we wouldn't have wifi to pass by boring moments in our lives? We couldn't scroll through the news or log into Facebook to kill time in a waiting room or a shopping queue. Whilst wifi makes our lives easier in many ways, it sometimes makes it harder for us to switch off and relax. Occasionally though, we will visit somewhere abroad where wifi isn't so easily accessed, and although this might sound like a bit of a nightmare, it can actually be incredibly refreshing! Here at OneHowTo we're going to tell you how to cope without wifi abroad.

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Steps to follow:

If you're travelling overseas to a more remote country, it's likely that whilst they might have wifi, it might not be very reliable. This can lead to hours of trying to load, reload and refresh the same page, and those wasted hours may be in vain. Rather than stressing or getting frustrated without wifi abroad, turn off your devices. Unless this is a business trip, in which case it would appear you've visited the wrong place, it's probably not crucial that you check your email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, *insert various other social media sites here*.


Coping without wifi abroad doesn't have to be difficult. Think of this as a chance to do something with your time that might usually be spent streaming TV shows or updating your feeds. After a long day sightseeing, come back and read that book you've been meaning to pick up for the last few months. Go out for a stroll, grab a drink and just watch the world go by. You'll feel the clutches of technology slowly releasing and I'm sure you'll feel relief from it!


Use the time you're living without wifi to get to know the people you're with. And if you're travelling solo use the time to get to know yourself a little better. It might sound corny, but try something new that you haven't done before. We spend a lot of time immersed in an online world and sometimes real experiences can pass us by whilst we're sat there choosing a filter to cover our actual experiences. Enjoy the fact that during a conversation, nobody is absent whilst they stare at their phones. Social media sites can sometimes affect our actual social lives, so focus on the people you're with, enjoy the conversation and you'll be coping without wifi in no time!


Once you've spent a few days coping without wifi abroad, you will realise how much culture and excitement is happening in the world around you. Rather than focusing on what you can see on your screen, you've got space in your mind to really notice where you are. What better way to spend a holiday than being 100% there in the moment.


Ok, so once you've got to know the people you're with, experienced culture etc, if you do end up needing wifi, you can usually find a local internet cafe to get your online fix. Local coffee shops often have wifi available too for the small fee of ordering some food or drink. If you out manage to locate wifi, you might be interested in downloading some movies or music on your device for when you are next wifi free. You can learn how to do this from this OneHowTo article on how to download torrents on your iphone and ipad.


Depending on how long you're in the country for, it could be worth buying a local SIM card for your phone so that you can use data without the roaming charges. Once you have bought a SIM card and are able to use the data, you can download free applications that will allow you to use your phone as a hotspot, enabling you to connect your laptop or tablet to the internet - woop!


And remember - if you're planning to have a technology detox whilst you're away, make sure you tell your friends and family at home that you will be absent from the online world for a while - you don't want to cause any alarm!

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How to Cope Without Wifi Abroad
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How to Cope Without Wifi Abroad