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How To Create Your 2015 Best Nine On Instagram

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How To Create Your 2015 Best Nine On Instagram

With New Year's Eve getting closer, many Social Media apps offer their users the possibility to create an overview of their year. Facebook has allowed their users to do so for many years and now, Instagram also offers this possibility by creating a collage of 9 of your most popular pictures that you have posted throughout the year that is about to end. At OneHowTo we're going to tell you how to create your 2015 best nine on Instagram so you learn the easiest and fastest way to share your year with your Instagram followers and boost your popularity on this social media app.

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To be able to create your 2015 best nine on Instagram the first step you'll need to take is to go to the official Best Nine site and add your Instagram ID to the search bar, i.e your user name with which you are logged in. Ours, for example, is "uncomo"; click on "Get" and continue with the following steps.


Once this option is clicked, your 9 most popular posts of the year will appear automatically. The program will count the images with most likes or those with the most comments so you can see which have worked best, therefore being able to create a strategy for the following year, which is useful especially if you are using this tool as a company.


Once you have this information, the program will allow you to share this picture on your social media apps. If you want to share it on Instagram it will advise you to use the #bestnine hashtag and, if you want to show it on the rest of social networks (such as Twitter and Facebook) you only need to click on the icons or add the link manually on your wall.


And you're done! With these simple steps you'll have created your 2015 best nine on Instagram, the perfect tool to analyze what is working better on this mobile app and be able to plan your posts for the following year.


Moreover, as you can see in the image below, this program also allows you to see an overview of how many likes you have had this year on Instagram as well as the number of posts you have created. This way you'll be able to get an average and see the impact your account has had on this social network.


Just one more note: Instagram's best nine is only available for public accounts, this means those accounts that do not need prior authorization to view and follow the profile. If you have a private account, you won't be able to create an overview of your best pictures as you have restricted access.


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How do i share on instagram? It wont let me. When i click it it brings me to best nine hashtag pics. I can save pic and post but it cuts off the text. I can see other peoples pics show full pic grid square and shows text above and below.

How To Create Your 2015 Best Nine On Instagram
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How To Create Your 2015 Best Nine On Instagram