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How to delete comments on Instagram

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How to delete comments on Instagram

Normally we are thrilled when someone comments on our Instagram photos as it usually means they like your post, but there are other times when you wish those comments hadn't appeared. Whether it's spam or an insult, or just something that doesn't seem to make sense, the fact is that when such a comment appears on your photos, you have control over which comments you want to keep and which you do not. At we tell you how to delete comments on Instagram.

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The first step to knowing how to delete comments on Instagram is to open the app and click on the photo that has the comment you want to delete.


You will see at the bottom of the picture a heart that means "like", and a sandwich to comment. Click on the sandwich, as if you were going to comment on the photo.


To delete comments on Instagram you must find the comment you want to delete and hold the mouse on it for a few seconds, until a menu opens.


The first option in this menu is "Delete comment". Click on it. If the comment is spam or some other kind of abuse, click the second option "Delete comment and report it as abuse".


Finally, you will see a window where you will be asked if you are sure you want to remove the comment on Instagram. Click "Remove" and the comment will disappear. You should check your comments regularly to make sure that negative comments are removed in a timely manner.


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How to delete comments on Instagram
How to delete comments on Instagram