How to Delete Default Apps from Android Phones

How to Delete Default Apps from Android Phones

If you've recently noticed that your Android mobile phone is slower than normal, it could be due to lack of space on its memory. A perfect way to get it back to normal is to delete applications you no longer use, for example, games you have finished or other Apps that are useless to you.

If you do not know how, on OneHowTo we will explain step by step:

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It is possible to uninstall Android applications you have downloaded through Google Play, with Google Play; you just have to put the name of the application you want to delete in the search box, and find the "Uninstall" button.


But it's more complicated if you want to delete default applications on your Android phone. That's because users do not have access to perform such actions, but the truth is that, yes, there is a way to do it.


You have to rotate or root your Android mobile phone so as to have all permits and to control any aspect of your smartphone. By doing this, you will be able to manage your whole phone and be able to delete Android apps on your phone.


When rooting your Android, you need an application like SuperOneClick and you have to follow some steps that you can find in our article how to root an Android. Once you have rooted your Android phone, you just have to remove the application from the / system / apps folder.

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