How to Delete Your Uber Account Permanently

How to Delete Your Uber Account Permanently

Uber is a very popular transportation network that allows you to order a taxi right to your house. Through an application, you pre-pay for the ride with your credit card and get where you need to go with ease. Although widely used, Uber has also been linked to the decline of some taxi companies. Also, its rating system can cause anxiety between uber driver and customer. There is an obvious pressure to maintain as close to 5 stars as possible. With recent controversial comments and support for Donald Trump, many people are wanting to delete their account as a sign of protest. Your reasons may be political, practical or perhaps you just want to walk more. Either way, oneHOWTO will show you how to delete your Uber account permanently.

Steps to follow:

Start the process by signing in on their landing page. If you have forgotten your password (and let's be honest, we all do this!), don't worry. You can enter your email address and they will send you an email to create a new one.


Once you have logged in, go to the "Account and Payment" section which should be on the top right of your screen. Either click the header or the "More >" section in bold to take you to all the options.


In the left hand column you will see a selection of links under the header "Account Settings and Ratings". Near the bottom of this list is the option "Delete my Uber account" which we have highlighted in red. Click on this link to delete your Uber account permanently.


This link will take you to an easy to use section which has two text boxes. The first is titled "Do you wish to delete your account?" and you can say either "yes" or "no". Why you would be on the page to choose "no" seems quite odd, but you can do so if you have changed your mind. If you do still wish to proceed, write "yes".


You can type in any reason you have to leave Uber in this box. It is not necessary to give one, but if you are doing it in protest you can state it here. Uber will delete your account and send you an email once it is done.


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