How to Disable Last Seen on Telegram

How to Disable Last Seen on Telegram

Earlier in the Telegram app there was no provision of hiding or disabling the 'last seen' option. The only way a person could prevent another person from watching their last seen was by blocking them. But now Telegram had added the new feature which would enable people to hide their last seen option from their contacts and other people without having to block them. Read on and find out how to disable the last seen on Telegram.

Why disable the last seen on Telegram?

While messaging we often like to maintain our privacy from everyone or from a selected few. For example, some people don’t want their boss to know how long they were using internet at night. It is also a matter of privacy, since the last seen can give information about the person's habits and activities. When it appeared, the messaging app Telegram didn’t have any disable option for the last seen. But when the Telegram’s team received requests from users/customers to have an option which would allow them to not show this information, they were forced to add the feature on the messaging app.

Steps to disable last seen on Telegram

To disable the last seen option on Telegram first enter the messaging app.

  • Look at the top of the left side. There you will find three horizontal lines. It is called the Menu key. Tap on this Menu key.
  • After the new screen opens, choose the settings option.
  • Tap on the Privacy and Security option.
  • Again a new screen will open. Here tap on Last Seen.
  • On the next page you will find three options: Everybody, My Contacts and Nobody. Click on nobody if you don’t want anybody to see your last seen option. You can also choose My Contacts which will only enable those who are in your contact list to view your last seen option.
  • After you choose one of the three options, a check mark will appear on the top right side. Click on the check mark.
  • A pop-up box will appear. Here click on Ok.
  • That’s it! Your last seen status is now disabled.

Disable last seen on new Telegram messenger app for iOS 7

If you have an iPhone it is also possible to disable the last seen option on your phone if you're using iOS 7. To do so:

  • Open Cydia
  • Let it reload the packages.
  • After it has reloaded the data, go to search.
  • In the search option type Telegram. You will find the option Telegram LSTime Stamp. (LS means last seen)
  • Select it. Here you can select and change your last seen option. You can disable your last seen option here but can still see the last seen option of other people.
  • Confirm the installation and you are done!

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