How to do a Facebook Live Video

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to do a Facebook Live Video

Can you imagine being able to send your followers a live message through Facebook? Whether through a fan page or at a personal level, between your friends, this brand new possibility opens a whole world for fans of this social network, trying to compete with other apps such as Periscope or Meerkat, that offer similar possibilities.

This streaming function was only available for iPhone users in the United States, but can now be enjoyed in other countries, though it is not available for other operating systems, only for iOS users. Facebook live is here, and would like to tell you how to do a Facebook Live video.

Steps to follow:

Facebook Live promises to be one of the most important bets for this social network, allowing users to send their videos live to share with their followers. This feature is especially interesting for those with a Facebook Page and want to communicate in a closer way with their followers, and for those who want to use this option in a personal way to announce news to their friends and loved ones, or simply to communicate more closely.


Though it is sure to be a complete success, Facebook Live is only available in the United States as well as other countries such as Spain, Mexico, South Africa, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Hong Kong, Iceland, Italy, Kuwait, Letonia, Luxembourg, Russia, Switzerland and Taiwan.

The people responsible for this social network have announced that in the next couple of weeks they'll launch this alternative for many other countries and for Android users, who can't enjoy this function at this time.

How to do a Facebook Live Video - Step 2

If you have iPhone and live in one of these countries that already have this app, then you're ready to live stream a video on Facebook. To begin with, the first you should do is make sure the app has been updated, so go to Apple Store and press on Updates.

If the latest update has been done in the last few days, then your Facebook app will definitely have this alternative.

How to do a Facebook Live Video - Step 3

Now you can log in to Facebook and go to your Status to write what you're thinking, you'll notice there's a new option available called Live Video. To begin with you should click on it, the system will indicate that you're about to create a live video, to proceed you need to continue.

How to do a Facebook Live Video - Step 4

Now the system will ask you to describe the title or content of your live video. Here you'll be able to define the main subject of your message and, more importantly, choose the audience who you want to send the message to: friends, followers, visible for everyone, etc. You'll find this option right below the title of the video.

Once you have described all the aspects of the publication, press on the blue button reading Go Live. You'll see a screen with a countdown and you'll start to record the message you want to give, completely in live streaming. Once it's over you'll be able to press the red button on the left part of the screen.

How to do a Facebook Live Video - Step 5

Your friends or your chosen audience will receive a message indicating that you've shared content with them. While you're streaming the people with whom you've shared the video can comment live too, creating more interaction. Once the live streaming of your video on Facebook is over, you can decide if you publish this content on your profile or delete it.

It's this simple! Now you know how to use Facebook Live step by step, don't hesitate and try this new alternative that will surely be a great hit! You can also live stream from Instagram too since its new update! Don't miss out on the opportunity!

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How to do a Facebook Live Video
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How to do a Facebook Live Video

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