How to Download Photos from Instagram on Android

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Download Photos from Instagram on Android

If you're using Instagram, you know that it's the most visual social network that exists. Surely you've encountered many images or videos you would love to keep you but do not know how. And that's because Instagram doesn't make it easy to download content. Generally everything you post is saved to a folder on your phone automatically. On we will tell how to download photos from Instagram on Android.

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Steps to follow:


To download all kinds of multimedia content on any website, GetThemAll is the application available on Android that you need. With it you can download images, videos, audio, video, and even PDF from any website. It is very easy to use plus quick and efficient, with it you can download any content from any public Instagram profile.


This application tracks the web code that you specify and searches multimedia file links as the file extension. Instagram photos are saved in JPG, and videos in MP4, so when GetThemAll is running it will list all the files it finds. You just have to click and download them to your smartphone.


With this application you cannot download photos or videos from Instagram, but from a webpage such as web profiles. But it is equally useful and interesting to use. What you need to do is enter Google Play Store, search GetThemAll, and install it on your Android phone.


Open the Instagram application and find the content you want to download. Then you should click the 3 dots on the lower right corner of the publication and select the option Copy shared URL.When selected, it copies the address where the file that you want to download is stored to the clipboard of your phone.


Now open GetThemAll, paste the URL you copied earlier and press the arrow to the page that has the content you want to load. When the webpage is loaded, press the button with the arrow and the application will search the web looking for the downloaded links.


When the application has finished searching, it will show you a list of all multimedia files you can download, including the file you want. Click on the file and now you can download it. To finish, click the file tab, and see the downloaded content on your mobile. The files are stored in the memory of your phone and you can even copy them to your media gallery.

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How to Download Photos from Instagram on Android