How to edit photos on Retrica

By Alice T Breeze. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to edit photos on Retrica

Retrica has slowly become one of the most popular photography apps. It's like an Instagram specialized in selfies, which you can add a vintage filter to or make a collage. You can download it for iOS or Android and it has quite a lot of options. Don't know where to start? Don't worry, will show you how to edit photos on Retrica.

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Steps to follow:

First of all, install and open the app (you'll see you don't need to register). The first step is to select the camera you'd like to use: frontal or back? You can change cameras by clicking on the top right button on the screen.

How to edit photos on Retrica - Step 1

Right under the camera image there's an orange menu with several buttons. With the first button you can choose the size of the image or, if you'd like to create a collage,how you want it to be; with the second you can choose a circular smoked effect, with the third you can choose a tilt-shift effect, the fourth is to choose a simple frame and the last is to select a timer.

How to edit photos on Retrica - Step 2

You can access filters with the bottom right button, which shows three circles overlapped forming a triangle. You only need to swipe your finger on the screen to access all the filters and see how they'd look on the image. You can also select the filter before taking the picture.

How to edit photos on Retrica - Step 3

Next, you need to take the picture: you can choose one you already have on your smartphone pressing on the bottom left button (a negative) or pressing directly on the big black button in the center to take the picture.


Yes, all Retrica photo editing must be done before taking the photo, so think it over! You can also take a normal picture with your smartphone's camera app and then select it to edit from Retrica.

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thank you very much for this useful article
jaydip savaliya
When we apply any filters & after close the retrica then after we opened it will show previous filter. How can remove it in original retrica like when we installed.
Chloe yeaman
I wanted to know how to edit a retina phota after you've taken it x
its great ...#RETRICA_IS_AWESOME ....
Mansha wani
Cant we edit the gallery images on retrica??
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Mansha, Yes, you can edit gallery photos by simply clicking on the Album icon you'll see at the bottom left side. Select the picture or pictures you want to edit and follow the same instructions you can read on this article. Hope this helps!
How to edit photos on Retrica
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How to edit photos on Retrica

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