how to Email a Conversation from Whatsapp

how to Email a Conversation from Whatsapp

Today many of our most important conversations take place in Whatsapp. The instant messaging app has become part of our lives and often it can sadden us that all those chats are left in there. Would not you like to email them to someone? Imagine that your partner has lost his or her phone with it all your conversations. They would probably love to receive an email copy of them! In OneHowTo we explain how to email a WhatsApp chat.

Steps to follow:

Open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone.


Enter the conversation you want to send. It can be a one-person or group chat.


The next step will depend on the mobile platform you use. If you use an iPhone, go to Settings > Send chat via email.

In Android, go to Settings > More > Email chat.

Finally, users of Windows Phone will have to select the three horizontal dots in the lower screen and there go to info > send history via e-mail .


A message will appear on your screen asking you if you also want to attatch media. If you do, the email will be larger.


The email app opens on your smartphone (or you will have to choose one if you have several). Enter the email address you want and then 'Send'. Ready!


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