How to Find Out Who Deleted You on Facebook Using the New App

How to Find Out Who Deleted You on Facebook Using the New App

Maybe one day you login to your Facebook and you sense a contact is missing or that the number of friends you had last week does not match the number displayed now... Why? Who has deleted me on Facebook? Finding out who deleted me on Facebook manually can be exhausting if you have a large number of contacts. If you want to find answers quickly, the best way to find out who deleted me on Facebook is through a new app available for computers and smartphones. After we taught you what happens if you block someone on Facebook, In this OneHowTo article we teach you how to find out who deleted you on facebook using the new Who Deleted Me App.

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If you are asking yourself you deleted me in Facebook, you should first know that, among the many Facebook functions, Facebook doesn't have a specific function to find out who unfriends you. If you would like to know whether a specific person has deleted you on Facebook you can simply go on and log into your account. Then you can search the name of such person in the space you will find on the upper left side. If the name of such person appears followed by the number of mutual friends you have, it means the person has unfriended you.

If you are after 'who deleted me on facebook' more generally, and would like to be notified of all people who unfriend you, then an app is the way to go. What you should bear in mind is that whatever app to find out who deleted me on Facebook is not created by Facebook itself. Therefore, every time Facebook updates its system, the who deleted me on Facebook app is likely not to work any longer. So, first of all, you should stay up to date with the last Facebook apps.

What we will talk about below is the new app called 'Who delated me'. Hurry app and download it until it works!


The 'Who delated me' app is created by The app keeps track of your friends list and notifies you every time someone adds you as friend and every time someone unfriends you or deactivates you. Cool right?


It is possible to download the who delete me app on Chrome, Firefox, or android. In order to download the who deleted me app on chrome, follow this link.

For firefox, use this link.

For android, go on playstore.

For any Facebook related app registration, at we recommend using a different password to the one you are currently using on the Facebook. Note that you could be giving your password to an unknown person.


Once you downloaded the app, you should add the who deleted me app extension on Chrome or Firefox. Then, open the extension and wait until it analyses your friends list. Repeat as many times as you wish.

Note that the who deleted me app only works after you install it, it will not notify you of people who deleted you before you downloaded the who deleted me on Facebook app.


After you downloaded and activated the who deleted me on Facebook app, there is nothing else you need to do. Just wait for the app tp notify you of who unfriended you recently. Easy, right? Tell us your results!


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