How to Find Out Who Visits My Facebook Profile

How to Find Out Who Visits My Facebook Profile

You will not be able to see the exact list of people who visited your Facebook profile, but you can use the "Top friends" list or the "My top fans" application to discover who are the people who often visit your profile.

Many users on social networks dream of being able to find out, in just a few simple steps, who is snooping around their personal Facebook profiles. However they have not been able to achieve this goal because, simply enough, we do not have access to this confidential data. That being said, there is something that you can do to find out who visits your Facebook profile most often... Today at oneHOWTO we explain 2 different ways to discover frequent visitors of your profile. Interested? Read on!

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

Here is the first method to find out who visits my Facebook profile. Log in to Facebook and go to the App Page for My Top Fans. Accept all permissions.


The My Top Fans app doesn't tell you exactly who has visited your Facebook profile; however, it does provide information on who visits regularly and which users interact with you the most. To find out who your secret admirers are, click the option that strikes your fancy. You'll be able to go back to the others later.


Double click on the desired option and accept all the app permissions.


After a short minute, My Top Fans will provide a small list based on the frequency with which your Facebook friends visit your profile and the frequency of their interactions with you.


The second method to discover who visits my Facebook profile works as follows:

  • go to your "friends" section
  • check who your "Top Friends" are, they will appear first in the list
  • Top friends are those who interact you with messages, like or comment your posts or... visit your profile.
  • You obviously know who you interact with on Facebook, so there are people who did not like your recent posts, and did not send you a message, those are the people who visit your profile the most.

Good trick to find out who visits my Facebook profile, isn't it? Use it and let us know how it went.


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