How to Fix a Slow iPhone

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Fix a Slow iPhone

Note, these steps have worked for me and many friends who have had slow iPhones. If your iPhone is slow here come some good tips to improve performance and get it to run faster. The idea is that we will speed up the operating system. If your iPhone is going slow when you try to open an application, just follow these steps on OneHowTo to fix a slow iPhone.

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Steps to follow:

The first thing you have to do to improve the performance of your iPhone is to go to the option: Settings > Safari and click on "Clear History" y "Clear Cookies and Data". This will help improve performance. To clear the history you must close all browser windows. We recommend you do this step each week.

How to Fix a Slow iPhone - Step 1

Sometimes the closure of certain applications helps cleanse the system resources. To close running, suspended, or background applications, click the HOME button twice. A list of running applications will appear.


Hold down one of the application icons for two seconds. Applications will begin to wiggle and have less red sign in the left corner. Click the minus sign to close the application. We recommend that you do this once a week.

For the newer IOS, all you have to do is slide the application upwards to close it.

How to Fix a Slow iPhone - Step 3

On the other hand, if an application does not work properly, try using this method to close and reopen it again. Sometimes only a restart is required. Sometimes an application that does not work well can slow down the whole phone.


Another tip is to make a hard reboot the iPhone. To do this, hold the lock button the top button and the Home screen until the phone turns off and the Apple boot is displayed.


Another tip I have found to be beneficial to reduce the frequency with which iOS checks applications like Mail, Calendar or Facebook. You can find this in Setting> Mail, contacts, calendars. Reducing the frequency means that your emails and other notifications may not be delivered immediately.


Scroll down to find the Recover NEW data. From here, you can reduce the time the system checks for new mail. This also helps reduce battery consumption.

How to Fix a Slow iPhone - Step 7

Here we leave an article for how to repair a frozen iPhone.

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How to Fix a Slow iPhone
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How to Fix a Slow iPhone

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