How To Format Or Reset An Android Tablet

How To Format Or Reset An Android Tablet

Do you have an Android Tablet that has gradually filled with things that you do not need? Or are you just going to give it to someone and you do not want to hand it over with all your information? For both these cases you may want to delete all the content you have added to a tablet (applications, images, videos, etc.) suddenly, and so it is more practical to format it and return it to its factory settings. In other words, reset it back to how it was the first time you switched it on. How to do it? In we tell you how to format or reset an Android tablet.

Steps to follow:

The first step to formatting a tablet is to access the home screen of the device. You then have to go to Applications by pressing the button consisting of several squares that appears at the bottom right of the screen.


Once there, click on 'Settings', its icon is a metal cog wheel. Through this option you can change most of your tablet settings and customize it to your liking, and here is also the possibility to format it.


But before proceeding with the formatting of the tablet it is important that you keep a backup of all your files, should you want to. For this, you will go to the Settings menu and look for the option Backup. If you want to save the data you will previously have to make a copy of it on cloud services such as Dropbox.


In this screen there will appear several options to format your tablet, you must click on "Factory data reset", then reset tablet. If your tablet is password protected, the system will prompt you to enter it. Then you will have to confirm that you really want to format the tablet by clicking on 'Clear All'. Done!


Depending on the brand you have, the tablet may ask you if you'd like to also clean the external memory card (if you have one). Though you can choose to do so or not, this will not be necessary in order to Factory reset your tablet.


Once your phone has been automatically rebooted, you will be prepared to set your Android tablet once more, ready to resell or to set up a new user.


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