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How to Free Up Space on an Android Phone

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: July 9, 2020
How to Free Up Space on an Android Phone

One of the most common problems with Android smartphones is running out of space. Who has not had the problem where they could not download a photo or video from Whatsapp because the phone did not have enough memory?

In this OneHowTo article we explain the steps to follow so you know how to free up space on an Android phone.

Steps to follow:


What is eating up your phone's memory? The apps are usually to blame, because they occupy a lot of space. To check which weigh more and select the ones you are going to uninstall, go to:

Configuration of your smartphone > Applications > Manage Applications.

Where you will see what each one occupies.


To free up space on an Android Phone, the first step is to get rid of apps that occupy unnecessary space. After deciding which apps you can live without, select uninstall.

While on Configuration > Applications > Manage Applications keep selecting those you want to delete and pressing 'Uninstall'.

Another option for those of you who do not want to uninstall is to choose to click on 'Clear data' in order to free up further space on your Android phone. This will rub off any unnecessary data in apps.

How to Free Up Space on an Android Phone - Step 2

Have you already gotten rid of the apps you do not need and have deleted the data but this is still not enough? Time to move them to an SD card so they don't occupy the internal phone memory. For this, again go to:

Configuration > Applications > Manage Applications

select the app you want to move and click 'Move to SD'. There are some apps that can not be moved, so you will have to try and change the ones you can.


Finally, check out the photos and videos that you have stored on your smartphone (in the gallery). There will be many that can be directly deleted. If you want to keep them all, transfer them to your computer via Bluetooth and delete them from the phone so to not occupy unnecessary space. The photos and files that you receive via applications like Whatsapp in the end occupying much phone capacity and this is information you can easily free.

There are apps such as Instagram that create an automatic folder where all the pictures you have edited are saved. As you will most likely have the originals on your phone, you can delete these pictures too. If you still want to keep the edited Instagram pictures you can download them easily on your Android phone.

How to Free Up Space on an Android Phone - Step 4

If you enjoyed this article you may also be interested in how to recover photos from Whatsapp. We hope this guide was useful and easy to follow. For further support we'll include a Youtube video by TechFire where they also explain how to free up space on an Android phone.

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  • Another solution is to buy an SD card with more capacity, but it is also possible to free up space on your phone without undue complications.
  • As a last resort, try uploading your important file to your computer and performing a “factory reset” on your phone.
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How to Free Up Space on an Android Phone