How to Get Back Photos Deleted from iPhone

How to Get Back Photos Deleted from iPhone

You have no idea how it happened. Have you ever been looking at photos on your iPhone when suddenly you have accidentally deleted one or more? And not even having your smartphone set to automatically backup photos on iCloud or Dropbox has helped. You were ready to accept that you had lost these pictures forever and then someone told you that there was still hope of getting them back. This is actually the case for your deleted unsaved photos. So how do you get them back? At OneHowTo, we show you how to get back photos deleted from iPhone.

Steps to follow:

Act quickly and don't hesitate; to get back photos deleted from iPhone you should act as soon as possible and there will be a better chance that they are still in there. Disconnect your iphone from the internet so it cannot automatically update that you have deleted the photo that you want to recover.


You will need the data recovery software Dr.Fone for iOS. Go to and click the green "Download" button. Accepts the download and, when it has finished, open the file to install the software onto your device and follow the instructions.


Click on Dr. Fone for iOS, the program which you have just downloaded. Look for the two tabs at the top and selects the left one "Recover from iOS devices directly".


Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable and click on the green "Start" button. The programme will begin to search for everything stored in your iPhone. Wait for the process to finish, this can take several minutes.


When completed, a column will appear on the left side of the screen with different files. The image that you are looking for will be in the photo file.


Select the deleted images that you want to recover and when ready, click "Recover". You will have to select a destination in your computer to save these photos. Save them, accept and that's it. The photos are back in your power!


For iPhone 5 or higher versions, you also have another possibility, especially if you connect your iPhone to a PC.

For Windows 7 and higher versions, go to: /Users > Username > App Data > Apple Computer > MobileSync> Backup

Note that this will only work if you frequently connect your iPhone to your PC and use iTunes too.

If none of these have worked, we advise you take a look at our article on how to recover deleted pictures on iPhone and Android.

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