How to Get Featured on

By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Get Featured on

If you are a big fan of apps such as Dubsmash or Vine then surely you will have heard about This app with more than 60 million active users has become a wide world phenomenon with people sharing 15 second lip sync videos in all sorts of creative and fun ways. Users can record multiple clips, glue them together, add some music and then share then with a growing heap of users. Just as with other social media apps, people are looking for tips and tricks on how to secure a shoutout on

In this OneHowTo article we share some helpful advice on how to get featured in

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Use props and special effects

One of the reasons why has become such a popular app is because it offers a unique and creative offer. It has managed to combine lip sync with videography and integrated it into a social media app. So if you want to stand out from the crowd then you must make sure that you are offering something that is different.

To help you find your edge take your time working through the app and look at all the props and effects that are being offered. You can experiment with different filters and different speeds; as well as making use of your own props to make it more exciting.

How to Get Featured on - Use props and special effects

Participate in challenges and contests

On a frequent basis, users propose some challenges and contests that attract thousands of followers. Not only it can help you find new people that share your similar tastes but it can also open up a window for new people getting to know you. One of the last popular challenges include #doitlikebaduchallenge where users recorded themselves dancing to the song “Wicked /Purple Reign” by Future.

Ask a popular user

Remember that is a social media app and that you can interact with the users. Speak out to other users that have been featured before or that you look up to for some advice or inspiration. If they have been around for longer they can surely give you some tricks.

Perhaps the most well know user is Ariel Martin also known as Baby Ariel. She downloaded the app out of boredom in 2015 and has managed to accumulate 6.8 million followers at just the age of 15-years-old. She also has Youtube account under the name of Baby Ariel were she frequently shares advice and tutorials; as well as answers questions from followers.

How to Get Featured on - Ask a popular user

Search the hashtags

You want to be unique and different but you still want to know what is interesting to other users. On the “discover” tab you can find the most popular and trending hashtags. Have a look at what other people are posting about as it may lead you into a new burst of inspiration.

There is also a Twitter page called Trending (@musicallyviral) that collects videos that are hot on the app every day and posts them for the world to see. This is another way that you can keep track of trends, challenges and recent new additions to the app to help you get featured on

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do muser voices. use #muservoice, #acappela, and #singing. even if you dont get featured you will get at least 20 hearts.

How to Get Featured on
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How to Get Featured on

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