How To Get Spotify Premium For Free

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Get Spotify Premium For Free
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Spotify is a Swedish commercial service which provides music streaming, video service and podcast from record labels and media companies. But for all the services Spotify charges a minimum charge for its premium service. Recently Spotify has started a free trial period of 30 days on its premium service. In this article we will know How to get Spotify premium for free.

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Spotify is available in Western Europe, America and Oceania. In this app you can search and browse by artist, genre, album, record label or playlist. The free subscription includes ads between every few songs, this is why most people want the premium account, though you have to pay the subscription.

Types of Spotify Account

There are three types of Spotify services:

  • Spotify Free: In Spotify free you can listen to music free of any cost. But the music is interrupted by advertisements of all kinds.
  • Spotify Unlimited: Spotify Unlimited comes at a charge of $4.99 a month. You can listen to uninterrupted music on it but only on desktop and laptops.
  • Spotify Premium: Spotify Premium can be availed at a monthly charge of $9.99. In spotify premium you can hear uninterrupted music. There is no ad and you can listen to music on just any device.

Steps to get Spotify Premium for Free

You can enjoy Spotify Premium service for 30 days without paying a penny as Spotify has recently declared a free trial period of its premium pack. You can avail this service through the following steps:

1. In your web browser open

2. On the upper right side of web page you will find the word “Premium”. Click on it.

3. As you click on “Try Premium” you will see an option advertised in it which is the 30 days free trail.

4. If you already have a spotify account then you will be able to log in using that account. But if you don’t have an account then click on “Sign Up” and create an account to log in with.

5. Now click on “Try Spotify Premium”.

6. Then select your method of payment. Also enter your zip code.

7. Then a screen will be open where you have to enter your credit card or PayPal information.

8. There you will make a payment of zero dollars and your receipt will be shown on screen.

9. Now you are free to use Spotify Premium for 30 days without any charge.


Take care that after 30 days your subscription will be renewed automatically and charges will be deducted from the next month. If you want to avoid it then cancel your subscription as soon as the 30 days end. Enjoy!

How To Get Spotify Premium For Free - Steps to get Spotify Premium for Free
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  • There may be other illegal methods to use Spotify premium for free, but, as the name indicates, they are illegal.

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How To Get Spotify Premium For Free
Image: theinquirer
Image: dealseekingmom
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How To Get Spotify Premium For Free

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