How to have multiple users on your Android tablet and phone

How to have multiple users on your Android tablet and phone

If you want to have multiple users on your Android, this system has an oh-so-simple way to do this and we will show you how. If you share your device with others, then creating separate user accounts aims to keep your profile private. For this reason, setting up multiple users on your Android is very useful for Tablets, rather than for mobiles, as these generally only operate on one account.

Steps to follow:

Open the Control Panel screen on your Android Tablet or Smartphone and click on Settings.


Next, click on the option Accounts > Add account. Then you need to choose the app you want to create a new account for.

Once you have clicked on the desired account, the phone will ask you if you want to add an existing account or create a new one.

Select New.


Simply enter the username and password and the new account is now set up. Make sure you create a password that is complicated enough to make it hard to guess but is easy for you to remember. In this article we show you how to create a safe password.


To switch between accounts, click on the icons at the bottom of the Android's lock screen. You can also log off from an account by activating the lock screen.


Finally, if your device has an older version of Android 4.2, you will have to install the SwitchMe app and make sure that your mobile or tablet is rooted.


Once you have installed SwitchMe all you have to do is follow the program's instructions and then your Android tablet will be set up for multiple users.


When you create a user on your Android, you won't have any problems with updates since your tablet system will be the same for all.

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  • We recommend that when setting up new users on your Android, make sure the battery is full or is plugged in to charge.