How to Install Whatsapp on my Android tablet

By Max. D Gray. Updated: July 31, 2018
How to Install Whatsapp on my Android tablet

Whatsapp is the star application for instant messaging on Smartphones. This application has revolutionized the world of communications in a short space of time, but making use of it was so far limited to the world of smartphones. However, recently different app developments have arisen which allow for its use on other devices such as a PC or a tablet. In this article we will see how to install Whatsapp on an Android tablet.

Steps to follow:

We can try to install the Whatapp application in any Android tablet available, but it is the case that this method works in some tablets and in others not. On this page you will find an inventory of tablet models on which it has and has not worked, so we can consult if our tablet is among those on which it works by following this link.


The next step is to download the application Go Contacts EX and install this on our tablet. We can get this application through Google Play. If Go Contacts Ex is not compatible with our tablet we can resolve this by using an Android telephone to download the app App Backup and Restore.


With the application App Backup and Restore already downloaded, select the tab Installed and select the application Go contacts Ex. Return to Apps Backup & Restore, in the section Archived we select Go contact and, leaving it selected, we choose Send.

Now insert an e-mail address to which you have access from the tablet. What we have done is to send the application Go contact Ex to our tablet using an e-mail address as the vehicle to do so. When signing in to e-mail you will see the email where you have attached the application to be installed.


Once we have installed the Go Contact EX application in our tablet, with either of the 2 methods that we have seen earlier, we will only have to re-enter Google Play and download the application WhatsApp Messenger again. If you lack compatibility again, return to the application App Backup and Restore and repeat the steps to install Go Contact EX.


Once the applications Go Contact EX and Whatsapp Messenger are installed on our tablets you must configure Whatsapp with your mobile number; you will receive a message with a verification code and then all that is left to do is link Whatsapp to Go Contact EX.


But if you do not only have an Android, but have an iPod touch, in our article how to use Whatsapp on an iPod touch we will explain in detail the right way to use this.

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  • We can replace the step of sending Go Contact by e-mail by making a security copy of our contacts on our smartphone and then inserting this information into our tablet through use of the SD card of the smartphone.

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How to Install Whatsapp on my Android tablet
How to Install Whatsapp on my Android tablet

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