How to Know if Someone Has Blocked me on Periscope

By Sara . Updated: October 16, 2020
How to Know if Someone Has Blocked me on Periscope

Every app nowadays has an option of blocking unwanted people out. This is useful especially in interactive apps like Periscope where unwanted comments may be shared on your broadcast. With the Periscope app you can create an account and start broadcasting videos from your personal life. Sometimes you might get followers that you don't want or messages that are being annoying, and you want to keep those followers out of your app. But it can also happen that someone has blocked you from the app and you don't know the reason why. If you suspect someone might have blocked you from the live video streaming app, in this OneHowTo article we explain how to know if someone has blocked you on Periscope.

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Ways to know if someone has blocked you on Periscope

  1. If you think someone has blocked you on Periscope then type the person’s name in the search box. The search box appears on tapping the magnifying glass icon. If you can’t find the person whose name you have typed then that person has blocked you for sure.
  2. If you can’t join a person’s broadcast then it is certain that the person has blocked you on Periscope.
  3. People may block you on Periscope even while you are watching their broadcast. In such situation you are suddenly removed from broadcast while a message in grey pops up on your screen stating that you have been blocked by the broadcaster.
  4. One other way of knowing that a person has blocked you on Periscope is that you won’t be able to see whether the person has used the app or not. In such case just visit your twitter account and then view their profile. If it states that the person was recently “Live on Periscope” while you can’t view their present status through Periscope app then you have been blocked.

It can also happen that the Periscope app blocks you. This, however, will only happen if you're using the app for incorrect purposes or if you're being disrespectful with your live video broadcasts. If you've been blocked by mistake you can contact 'Periscope help' through Twitter and they will help you with your account.

Blocking someone on Periscope

If someone is annoying you on Periscope then you can block the person quite easily.

  1. At first tap on the name of the person you want to block. This will lead you to their profile.
  2. If you are using android then tap on menu icon. If you are using iOS then tap on gear icon.
  3. A popup will appear. Then tap on the button “Block user”. This will block the person and he/she won’t be able to view or comment your broadcasts.

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How to Know if Someone Has Blocked me on Periscope
How to Know if Someone Has Blocked me on Periscope

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