How to Make a Skype Conference Call

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: June 4, 2020
How to Make a Skype Conference Call

When we talk about online voice and video calls, Skype is the name that first flashes across our minds. It has become the preeminent way to speak to loved ones far away, have important face to face discussions and show as well as tell when having distant chats. For business, the ability to conference call is also one of the best features offered by the application. Whether you want to have a chat with your family members or friends, gather together your employees to pass on important instructions or want to discuss a project with your classmates, you won’t be let down by Skype. The best thing is that a Skype conference call is very easy to make and is available on the free version of the app as well. oneHOWTO will tell you how to make a Skype conference call on different devices.

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Background on Skype

Skype is a telecom applications software specializing in voice and video calls from one device to another. Since it uses internet to place the calls, the user does not need to pay any extra charges other than the internet connection. Skype also offers an instant messaging service and users can exchange both video and text messages with each other. Whether you want to share an image, video or text with your friends, you can easily do so using Skype.

Making a Skype conference call on Windows desktop

  • Launch Skype by clicking the blue ‘S’ icon on your desktop. Enter your username and password and hit the ‘Sign in’ button. If you have not already registered to Skype, click ‘Create an Account’ and register by providing your required details.
  • Click the contact name that you want to call. You will see your Contacts List on the left panel of your Skype window. The message panel will be displayed on the center of your screen. Any previous chats will also show on this message panel.
  • On the top of this message panel, you will see a ‘+’ sign. Click on this sign, and select ‘Add People’.
  • A new dialog box will appear. In this box, you have to select the names that you want to add in this conversation. Once you select all the names that you want to add in the call, click ‘Add’ on the lower right side of the dialog box. This will finalize your selection.
  • Click ‘Call’ button on top of your message panel. This will start your conference call. As people answer your call, they will join the conference. The call can start even if some members do not answer the call or reject it. Once you are done, you can end the call by hitting the red phone icon on the bottom.
How to Make a Skype Conference Call - Making a Skype conference call on Windows desktop

Making a Skype conference call on Mac desktop

  • Open your Applications folder and launch Skype.
  • Enter your username and password and sign into your account. If you have not yet registered to Skype, you can click ‘Create New Account’, provide your details and register.
  • On the top right corner, you will find a ‘New Conversation’ icon. Click on this icon, and then hit the ‘+’ button.
  • Select the contacts that you want to add to your call. You can either select their names from the Contacts list, or type their phone number. If you want to manually enter a phone number, you need to include the area code and country code too, without any hyphens or spaces. Names of the selected contacts will turn gray in color.
  • Once you have selected your desired contacts, click the green phone icon on the top right corner. Skype will try to add all the selected contacts into the conference call. But if some contacts do not answer the call or reject it, the audio conference will continue with the rest of the contacts. If you want to start a video conference, you will have to hit the green camera icon on top right corner. Group calls for up to 25 contacts can be made for free using Skype.

Making a Skype conference call on Android

  • Open the Skype app on your Android smartphone. If you don’t already have the Skype app on your phone, you can download it from Google Play Store. Once you download it, you will have to provide your details, and create a username and password in order to register to Skype. If you already have a Skype username and password, you can quickly login to your account on Android.
  • You will see a Conference Call option right on your home screen.
  • Select this option, tick the contact names that you want to include and hit the green phone icon.
  • Once the call starts, you will see ‘End Call’ button at the bottom of the screen. If you started the call and you end the call, everyone in the conference call will be disconnected. But if any other person ends the call, only that person will be disconnected, and the conference call will continue without that person.
How to Make a Skype Conference Call - Making a Skype conference call on Android

Making a Skype conference call on iPhone

The latest version of Skype introduced a number of accessibility and calling features, including the option of conference calling with just a tap of button. Now, you can turn any chat, audio or video call into a conference call involving up to four people. You can also add or remove people from an existing group call. Follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • When you open the Skype app on your iPhone, you will see a new call button in the navigation bar at the bottom.
  • Call a person using Skype.
  • Tap on the ‘Add participant’ button that you can see during a video or voice call on Skype.
  • At present, you can add only four participants in a group audio call.

Benefits of using Skype for conference calls

Skype conference calling is an indispensable tool, whether you are using it for personal or for business purposes. If you are in a distant location and you frequently need to contact your family, friends, clients, employees or partners, then Skype conference call can be a cost-effective and hassle-free way to do so.

Skype conference calls are setup with extreme ease and incredible speed. Several people can be connected together in no time. If you want to discuss a project with your classmates or instruct your colleagues or employees about a particular assignment, then you can link all of them with a Skype conference call and deliver your message efficiently and quickly.

Because Skype runs on internet, you can essentially make free calls. If you have an already activated internet connection, you can setup a conference call without paying a penny. However, the paid version of Skype comes with better features and greater accessibility. The only concern you may have in terms of payment is how much money you spend on internet data.

Since you can talk to several members at a time without actually visiting them, you reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. If you are away from your family, you can stay connected with your relatives through Skype conference call and meet them face to face. Due to this, you rarely feel the need to actually visit the place, thus reduce fuel usage and pollution.

You can setup a Skype conference call from any place, provided that you have internet connectivity there. Since no one needs to travel anywhere, the conference call can be made even during odd hours. There will be no traffic jams that you have to face and you can attend meetings in only your pijamas.

Skype is accessible 24/7 and you can access it from any device, including your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer. All you need to do is to open Skype and enter your username and password to sign in.

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How to Make a Skype Conference Call
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How to Make a Skype Conference Call

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