How To Make My Profile On Instagram Private

How To Make My Profile On Instagram Private

You have started an Instagram account and you've suddenly realized: you are publishing photos and everybody can see them because your account is not on private. It is very easy to make your profile on Instagram private. By doing this you will ensure that only you and your followers will be able to see what you post. All you need to do is go to the application's settings and from there change your privacy settings.This oneHOWTO will explain how to make your profile on Instagram private.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

Open Instagram app on your smartphone. Next, go to your profile clicking on the right corner button at the bottom (the icon is shaped like a person).


Once you have your personal Instagram profile, you should click on the settings button, which will appear as:

  • In the shape of a toothed wheel on iPhone
  • In the shape of three dots in the case of Android devices

Next, you need to scroll down your accounts settings and find the section named 'Private account' that will be deactivated if you have never touched it - it will appear in grey- and, therefore, your Instagram account is currently public and any user can access your pictures.


To change the privacy of your account, you'll need to slide the button to the right and click on the top right part of your screen to confirm you want to make your Instagram account private. The system will ask you if you are sure about your decision and if you want your pictures to be private. Confirm and you're done! Your Instagram account is now private.


But now you want to know, what changes now that my Instagram is private? here is a list:

  • If you tag or hashtag something it will only be visible by the people who follow you.
  • If you decide to share a post from Instagram to another social media site, like Facebook or Twitter the post will then carry the privacy of that separate account, for eg: if your posts are normally public on Facebook this one will be too. However, if someone tries to link to your Instagram profile from these apps it will still remain private.
  • If someone tries to follow you, you will receive a follow request message giving you the choice to deny or approve their request to follow.
  • If someone is already following you before you change your settings and you don’t want them to still follow you you can block them from your Instagram account.
  • By changing your profile to private, you will not lose any of the followers you had before. They will still all be able to see everything that you post.

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