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How to Make Your MacBook Last Longer

How to Make Your MacBook Last Longer

The slim and polished MacBook is a miniature marvel. It is easy to carry and the battery life can extend up to 9 hours. The sleek sophisticated look of MacBook can set anyone’s pulse racing but it is a big investment. Like other big investments we would like to get most use of our MacBooks and if it remains in good working condition for years then it means we have full benefit from our investment. In this OneHowTo article we're going to explain you how to make your MacBook last longer, so you can fully enjoy your computer while you're taking care of it.

Do not fill the drive to its full capacity

As soon as you will fill the drive to its full capacity, the MacBook will slow down. When the drive is full, it keeps re writing and re organizing new data which can be quite taxing for your precious MacBook. For this reason, it is better if you purchase an external hard drive, so you can keep all your documents in it. Doing this, your computer will have its full capacity and you will have all your data in another disk.

Do not charge it continuously

If you are using your MacBook while it is charging then you might be tempted to keep the charger on so that the battery does not run out after 9 hours. This is actually a cardinal sin for MacBook and its battery. Charging your MacBook all the time will ultimately kill the battery. So, it’s best to recharge only when the battery is low and you must unplug it as soon as it reaches 100%.

Keep the MacBook within its optimal temperature

It is very important for MacBook to be operated within its optimal temperature range. If you are using the MacBook in an environment above its optimal temperature range then chances are that your MacBook will breakdown before its intended time. Usually a MacBook can operate in between the temperature range of 50 to 95 degree Fahrenheit and the humidity range of 0% to 90%.

Keep minimum number of items on your desktop

The more number of items there are on your desktop, the more Ram space it will consume. This is because each time you turn your MacBook on it has to render each icons which slows down the device. If you want to find documents easily, keep them inside single folder in the desktop. This way your desktop will be free of items but you will still have the data at a glance.

Turn off the MacBook periodically

For longer battery life, turn off the MacBook periodically. Some people choose to keep their MacBook suspended so then it is easier to use it again. There is no danger in doing this, but you should also remember to turn it off from time to time. Also if you have moved lots of files then shutting down the MacBook helps it to reset.

Increase the life of MacBook charger

To increase the life of your MacBook’s charger, wrap it up immediately after using it. Also you must do it in the right way so that the charger isn’t under great strain. If you leave it unwrapped it is easier for it to break or suffer from any other damage. Keeping it wrapped and tidy will make its life longer.

Upgrade your Ram

If you have heavy graphic programs in your MacBook such as Photoshop and others then you should upgrade your RAM. This will help your MacBook to run efficiently and last longer.

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How to Make Your MacBook Last Longer
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How to Make Your MacBook Last Longer