How To Manage Two Twitter Accounts On iPhone

How To Manage Two Twitter Accounts On iPhone
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Twitter is one of the biggest social media sites and a great source of news and entertainment, as well as a great way to communicate whether you are a business or an individual. Many people like to have two Twitter accounts; one for their personal life and one for their business. If you have two Twitter accounts, sometimes it can be difficult to know how to manage both of them at the same time, especially when you are out and about and using your iPhone. In this article, will explain how you can easily manage two Twitter accounts on your iPhone.

Each Twitter Account Requires a Unique Email Address

When you decide that you want to have multiple Twitter accounts, it is very important that you have more than one email address. There can only be one account attached to your email account, so if you have a business account, make sure to use your business email account. When you log in on your iPhone, it will ask you for this information.

Using Tweet Deck to Manage Multiple Twitter accounts

One of the easiest ways to manage two Twitter accounts on your iPhone is by using the app called the Tweet Deck. This is a great app to download onto your iPhone if you plan on having more than one Twitter account. This app was solely developed for people with more than one account. Tweet Deck helps you to keep your Twitter accounts organized. There are many ways to track your recent searches and your followers by using the Tweet Deck.

What Functions Does Tweet Deck Offer

Once you have downloaded the Tweet Deck app onto your iPhone, you can begin to keep your multiple Twitter accounts organized and managed. There are multiple columns that will pop up on your screen. This will show you the activity that is happening on Twitter while you are online. This will look confusing at first, but once you know what you're following, you will figure it out in no time.

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Managing Two Twitter Accounts on Your Smartphone

If you do have multiple Twitter accounts, it is very easy to manage them using your iPhone. With the Tweet Deck app, you can see all of your accounts and all of the activity happening on them. It is easy to use and very easy to set up. It will help you to manage everything that you do on Twitter. Once you have this useful app on your iPhone you will never miss a thing on your Twitter accounts. The great news is the app is also available for Android users.

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