How to Measure Instagram Analytics

How to Measure Instagram Analytics

If you are an avid Instagram user then you must have often wondered about your impact on the Instagram platform. Tracking your engagement will help you in keeping a close eye on the performance of your content on the platform. It will also help in analyzing your most successful content with the ones which are not so successful and thus gives you idea for developing quality contents. Since Instagram does not have its own analytics you can effectively use some other tools. Keep reading this OneHowTo article to find out how to measure Instagram analytics.

Simply Measured

Simply Measured provides an analytics tool for all the social media networks including Instagram. It is a great tool as it offers a wide range of analysis and reports. Among these reports and analysis, some are free while others can be availed after having paid a small fee.

If you are a new user of Simply Measured then there is good news waiting for you. You can get an in-depth analysis of the past two month of your Instagram account for free if you follow the company on Twitter, this way you can select the most popular post and use it to place an ad on Instagram.


Iconosquare was formerly known as Statigram and it is quite popular among both average social media user and big brands who want to increase their business. This is because of its high level and in-depth analysis of your social media accounts such as of Instagram. It presents a detailed analysis including total number of likes, average number of likes and comments and likes per photo, a growth chart along with a history of all the photos which were most liked in your account since the time you set up the account.

If you are ready to shell out some money then you can use Iconosquare’s content functionality which helps to create contests and promotions on Instagram leading to an increase in your follower base.


If you have a highly competitive business on Instagram then Locowise is one of the best app for you. It allows you to compare your profile with 2,500 other profiles of Instagram users. Thus, it provides a benchmark against a number of metrics allowing you to analyze where you stand among the others.

For your own profile, it provides a detailed analysis of your most popular filter, follower growth and also follower engagement. Also, you can choose the accounts with which you want to compare your metrics. It will provide an average of image to video ratio, average number of interactions, posts per day, average response time for a comment and much more after comparing with different Instagram profiles.

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