How to Mute Whatsapp Groups for IPhone and Android Phones

How to Mute Whatsapp Groups for IPhone and Android Phones

WhatsApp has become a well-known application for sending text messages between mobile devices. One reason for its popularity is that, once the application is downloaded it sends messages for free. One of its top functions is the ability to create group chats and thus always be connected with friends from work, university or whichever other circle of friends you may have.But what happens when a group conversation becomes too crowded and you don't want to receive messages all the time? If you want to know how to silence group notifications on WhatsApp read on.

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Before we begin, you should know what mute on Whatsapp does, as many think that you will nor receive messages from the group, which is not true.

Because many groups have so many people in them, it's kind of stressful sometimes to feel your smartphone buzzing the whole day, this is why muting a group is useful.

To mute group notifications without having to put your phone on silent, the first thing you have to do is go into the group on WhatsApp.


Then click on the appropriate option depending if you use Android or iPhone:

  • For Android devices: Click on the 'Menu' button.
  • For iPhone devices: Click on the 'Info' button.

In either case this is usually found at the center top of the screen, right where you'll read the name of the group.


The first option you'll find is the mute switch. Click on the 'Mute' switch.


Choose how long you want to silence notifications in the group:·

  • 8 hours
  • 1 week
  • 1 year

After this time the notifications you receive for the group will return to normal. In new Whatsapp versions (minimum 2.17.107), you will also be able to tick the option in order to stop notifications on your phone. This means that you will stop push notifications from appearing on your screen and won't have to read the group's messages unless you actually click on the group.

We'll be able to unmark or mark this option whenever you like too so Whatsapp can notify your group messages again.


If you're also fed up of adding new members to the group when told and want to share the responsibility of being group administrator or simply stop being one, check this oneHOWTO article on how to change the administrator of a Whatsapp group.

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  • You can mute one or more groups independently.