How to password protect my WhatsApp on Android

How to password protect my WhatsApp on Android

WhatsApp has already become one of the most used tools to communicate with friends, family, acquaintances... And that is why you may have hundreds of conversations which you don't want to be read by others. If you're tired of deleting them and you feel uncomfortable every time someone uses your mobile phone, at oneHOWTO, we suggest protecting the application with a password using a completely free application. Read carefully!

You'll need:
  • An Android device
  • The WhatsApp & WhatsApp Lock applications
  • Internet access
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Steps to follow:

The first thing you should do to protect your WhatsApp password will be to download an application that allows you to do this. To do this, open the Play Store on your Android and type "Chat Lock" in the search box although you can also find this app by typing: "Protecting WhatsApp messages";.

If you want to bypass this step, you can also access it from this link: Chat Lock, and thus start the download process on your Android device.


Once you've found it in the Play Store, you must click the "Install"; button and then launch the application to start it up, if you still haven't done it yet.


Then you must go to 'Set Pattern' to establish the password for your Whatsapp chats, I.e., choose a custom pattern that only you know. Once done, click on 'Confirm'.


Now, click on 'Relock Timeout 'and when you open the application again, enter your pattern to access your chats. In this way, even without a password to unlock your smartphone, you do need to enter your personal pattern to access your WhatsApp chats or conversations. No one else can see who's talking or reading your messages!


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how to password protect my whatsapp on android
How to password protect my WhatsApp on Android
How to password protect my WhatsApp on Android

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