How to Protect my Facebook Profile Picture

How to Protect my Facebook Profile Picture

Changes in Facebook privacy settings have given much to talk about throughout the years, but there are alternatives to limit foreign access to our profile and make sure that it is just your friends who see your full account. However, our profile photos can be accessed by everybody, regardless of your privacy settings.

Do you want to prevent this from happening and stop others snooping on your profile pictures? Keep reading, because here at OneHowTo we will explain how to protect your Facebook profile picture and thus ensure your privacy.

Steps to follow:

In order to protect your profile picture on Facebook, the first thing you should do is log into your account. Once you're in your feed, go directly to own your personal profile and click on your current profile photo - not on the cover picture!

Right next to the date of the photo, click on the planet icon. The "Who can see this?" menu will drop down. Your photo will be marked as public, with a planet icon; this means than anyone on or off Facebook can see it.

If you want greater privacy, select the alternative "Friends" option. With this change, only your Facebook contacts will be able to see your profile picture. Look at the picture below for more clarity.

This won't apply to all the profile pictures you've had: You'll have to repeat this step with each of the photos that appear on your profile to protect all of them.


But what if you do not want anyone at all to see your profile picture? If you are looking for maximum protection on Facebook, then you must click on "More options" below and choose "Only me".

You will be the only one that can see your photos. The rest of your contacts will only be able to see it in a very small size.


Facebook also offers a more personalized alternative so you can hide photos from certain friends and allow access to others.

Just select "More options" again and then "Custom" at the bottom of the drop-down menu. If you change your mind and decide to protect your Facebook profile picture from other users but not your friends you just have to repeat the same procedure and choose the option as explained in the first step.


Now you know a new way to maintain the security and privacy of your profile. Once you've learned how to protect your Facebook profile picture you can keep snoopers at bay!

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