How to Put a GIF on Microsoft PowerPoint

How to Put a GIF on Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the easiest and most well-known slide presentation software options to create a quick yet effective presentation. In a matter of minutes, you can create a visually appealing supporting document to complement your next speech at school or at work. One of the most dynamic ways to add visuals to your presentation is by adding an animated GIF. A GIF is a bitmap image that adds in movement, taking the common image to the next level by enhancing its visual impact.

In this OneHowTo article we explain step-by-step how to put a GIF on Microsoft Powerpoint.

Steps to follow:

The process is fairly similar for all versions of Microsoft Powerpoint but for purposes of this article we will be using Microsoft Powerpoint 2011 for Mac. The icons and names may vary depending on the version.


The first step is to open up the program and decide on a layout for your presentation. You can go ahead and fill in all of the text first and then go back to add all the visual elements.

Before you begin adding visuals make sure that you have downloaded the GIF images that you will need and that you have saved them in a safe place in your computer. Alternatively you can also use Photoshop to create a GIF or Youtube.


There are two ways that you can add a GIF image to your presentation. If you have selected slides with pre-defined boxes you will see that some of these boxes are designed for visuals. There are 6 small icons inside the box. Click on the first one in the second row as it is the one used to add images and GIFs.


Another screen will then open up so you can select the GIF image that you previously saved on your computer. Click on the GIF file.

If you already have the folder with your GIF image open on your computer you can alternatively drag and drop the file to your slide.


Now you will see that your GIF is perfectly set inside the box. You can use the box markers to change the shape of the image.

To see the GIF image in motion you have to view your work from presentation mode.


If by mistake you eliminated the pre-designed box or selected an empty slide you can also insert a GIF using this alternative method.

Go to the header menu row at the top of the screen and click on “Insert” then scroll down until you find “Picture” and then select “Insert from file…”. Depending on your software version you may locate the Picture icon on the Home tab as well.

This method will also open up a new screen where you are able to select your GIF image. Notice how GIF images must be saved as .gif instead of .jpeg or .png.

There you have a very easy tutorial on how to put a GIF on Microsoft Powerpoint.

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