How to recover deleted history

By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 25, 2022
How to recover deleted history

When we surf the Internet, our browser automatically saves the places we've been, allowing us to access them easily through our history. It is very easy to clear your history and therefore, it is something that is often handy when we do not want another person using the computer to see the websites we have visited. However, sometimes we need to re-see the deleted history, is that possible? This article will show you how to recover your deleted history.

Steps to follow:

Your computer takes into account that you often perform operations on it, on purpose or by accident, of which you will regret. For this reason, it periodically saves system status, so that you can access a certain date and see everything from that day. In Windows, this system is called "System Restore".


To recover deleted history go to Start>System. Once inside, look at the top bar and clicks on "System Properties".

How to recover deleted history - Step 2

A window will open with all the basic information from your computer, look at the left sidebar. To recover the deleted history you have to click on "System Protection" as this tool lets you create a recovery point and restore your computer to whenever you want, such as just before deleting the history.

How to recover deleted history - Step 3

You will see a smaller window open, click on the "System Protection" tab and then "Create". You must close all programs you have open to expedite the restoration process. It will ask if you're sure, say "Yes". Make sure the selected section is the one you want,

How to recover deleted history - Step 4

When you have clicked "Create" another window will open, which will ask you for a description of what you want to recover to set a restore point. Simply write the exact what you lost and you want to recover, such as the "History", so the computer can automatically find the date and time and refer you to it, allowing you to recover the deleted history. Click on "Create" and let the process finish.

How to recover deleted history - Step 5

The computer will restart. Open your Internet browser and you will see that your history is there again, intact.

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How to recover deleted history
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How to recover deleted history

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