How to Recover Deleted Photos from an Android Phone

How to Recover Deleted Photos from an Android Phone

Now that cameras have disappeared almost completely from modern life, we rely on our smartphones for so many things, with the photo gallery essentially becoming a kind of album of our lives. Many of us share photos while others just leave them on their phone, hoping that they will be there forever... until they delete one by mistake. Can you recover photos? Fortunately, smartphones don't permanently delete anything until the newly available space has been overwritten with new data, so it's often possible to retrieve them. At we'll tell you how to recover deleted images from your Android phone.

Steps to follow:

First of all, disconnect from the Internet. Simply save a photo or video that someone has sent you on WhatsApp or that your smartphone has automatically downloaded in some way, so that it only uses the space of the picture you want to recover.

Bear in mind that the explanation you are about to read only works for root users, if your Android smartphone is not rooted you will not be able to proceed and get your deleted pictures. Root allows you to uninstall apps that come as defaults on your mobile and become a superuser, being able to effectively use your devide. If you want to do it, we invite you to read this article on how to root an Android.


Once you are sure that you are a root user, then, on your computer, go to and download the program. This program will help you to recover your deleted images. Allow the download and, when it's finished, open the file you just downloaded and install the program.


Open Dr Fone for Android, which is the application you just installed on your computer. A screen will appear prompting you to connect your Android to your computer via a USB cable. Don't do it just yet.


Before proceeding, make sure you have enabled USB Debugging mode. To do this, go to "Settings>About phone" on the smartphone and tap several times on "Model number" until you receive a notification that says "Developer options" has been activated. These will then appear in Settings. Click on "USB debugging" and tick the checkbox. Now you can connect your smartphone to your computer.


When the program detects that you've connected something via the USB cable, it will go to the next screen where you will select the device (in case there is more than one). Make sure you have enough battery and click "Start". The program will start searching the files.


This process can take anywhere from several minutes to two hours, so be patient. When it's finished, you will see a menu on the left with different file categories. For photos, go to the "Gallery".


You will see all deleted photos that are still in your phone's memory. Find the photo you want to recover, click on it and then click the button to the right that says "Recover". Select where you want to save the photo (on your computer's hard drive), confirm if prompted and you're all done. The photo was successfully recovered.

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