How to Reset my Hotmail Password

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Reset my Hotmail Password

Although for some it's already obsolete and its actual name is Outlook, not Hotmail, as we used to know it in the past, there are many users who still continue using their accounts on this email service, may it be so they don't lose touch with some people or have the necessity to have several email accounts. In any case, if you don't use hotmail frequently it's normal to forget your password, that's why would like to explain how to reset your Hotmail password.

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Steps to follow:

Start by logging in to the Hotmail web site. You'll find an access panel where they'll ask for your Microsoft account, which means your email address, and your password, which is the one you've forgotten. That's why you should press the link beneath the Login button which reads "Can't access your account?"

How to Reset my Hotmail Password - Step 1

You'll be redirected to a window in which you'll have to indicate the problem. In this step you must press on the "Forgotten my password" option and click on the next button.

How to Reset my Hotmail Password - Step 2

The next window will make you type your hotmail email address, or your " Microsoft account" as the system now calls it. Additionally, you must write the security characters the system shows. Press the "next" button.

How to Reset my Hotmail Password - Step 3

For the next step, Hotmail's security system will require you confirm your identity to allow your password to be sent. As you can see on the image there are two ways of doing so, through another email address which you have liked to your Hotmail address, or answering a security question. Choose your preferred option and follow the rest of the steps to reset your Hotmail account.

How to Reset my Hotmail Password - Step 4

If you don't use your alternative email address any longer or don't know if you can answer the security question, you must click on the link below the "next" button which reads "I don't use it any more". If you do so, the system will allow you to create a new account to check the rest and send your password.

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I have tried resetting my password it has giving me codes to type in and every time i do it tell me that its invalid. so can you please fix my account. then send me a message that you did because it getting bad when evry thing it tell me to do and i do it it doesnt work . my husband email is
Karin Rhodes
I have been completing the above as suggested for the last four days. I have still not retrieved my list email account. Just saying.
Bonnie Blue
I have tried all of the above but when I hit next it won't go to the next window. I just want to receive my code by phone, but only has the option for text which I can't do on my landline
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Bonnie,

It's unlikely this will work with a landline. What about the email account you used to sign up for it?
Art Smith
where do I start to change my password
How to Reset my Hotmail Password
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How to Reset my Hotmail Password

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